I visited the infamous Kamathipura, expecting some rad stereotypical brother filled with pimps and prostitutes. As a sucker for stories and social structures, I was curious about the working and how the business is gone about! However, what I witnessed was so ironical, the place had at least three temples and various Muslim mosques. It also was filled with women who wore burkas and bhaiyas with flawless Muslim beards, they all coexisted in the daytime, compared to isolation such working women have to go through by other religious people in other parts of India. Kamathipura locals seemed very open-minded. It felt so odd to think someone even thought ill of this place.

Before I visited I did my research and found out about the human trafficking that goes inside, I was very happy to know that the prostitutes were very low in numbers outside and not one underage girl was visible. The location is a hotspot real estate location, Mumbai tycoons have priced out big time pimps and brothel houses.

Although I didn’t have the guts to talk to a pimp or prostitute, which was my initial plan to get some stories across. This nevertheless was an experience I would never forget! At the same time hoping the ladies are all there by their choice.

Author: Shabeeb Musthafa

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Aiswarya Devan

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