Neelakurinji blossom season in Munnar

Neelakurinji – The Sea of Blue Flowers

Travelers explore out of India to really observe the magnificence of Mother Nature. They feel that India does not have that excellence or on the off chance that it does, it can’t be kept up in the way that countries abroad do. This is an immense misguided judgment in our general public and Kerala is confirmation that Mother Nature has favored India as well. People travel to Japan to see the cherry blossoms, but they do not know that there is something equally as beautiful in Kerala. This equivalent beauty is that of the Neelakurinji blossom season. This is one of the most heavily visited seasons by tourists.

Neelakurinji Blossom

People who have visited Munnar during the Neelakurinji blossom season proclaim its beauty everywhere they go. The blue and purple beauty of these flowers calls every traveler and seeker of beauty to come on this adventure of exploring Munnar. It is said that their beauty mesmerizes the spectator and causes an illusion of pure bliss over them. The mountains and the flowers blend perfectly to create what is called the purple valley. While this may be an adventure for the senses or a place to find true peace and quiet, Munnar has been enjoyed by both old and young alike.

 A black beetle feeding on Neelakurinji flowers

Other Things to do in Munnar

While the Neelakurinji flowers will be the highlight of your trip, it is certainly not all that is there to see in Munnar. The abundance of these attractive flowers also ensures another sight to see which the honey collection farm is. While most people do not think that honey harvesting is a tourist spot, but it is truly an interesting process to see the way how the honey we eat makes it all the way to our home. This also proves that the Neelakurinji flower is beneficial to the valley besides beauty as well. The honey is also believed to be delicious.

Valleys, Honeymooner’s Paradise and History

Another thing to see is the Munnar mountain valley. While the Neelakurinji flowers grow in the valley, it is beautiful in the offseason as well. The beautiful flowers take shelter under the towering peaks of the mountains and rest until they are ready to bloom. The fresh air surrounds the valley and proves to be the perfect destination for all newly-weds. Thus, the Munnar valley is a hill station that is popular for honeymooners. The history of Munnar is also quite dear to the freedom struggle.

Neelakurinji blossom in Munnar

Plan your visit earlier

All in all, the Munnar valley and Neelakurinji flowers are truly what adds to the beauty of Kerala. If you want to experience it all, but do not have enough time to do it then you need to visit the Munnar hill station and valley. It is also necessary to plan quite in advance for the trip because the Neelakurinji blossom season is one of the most crowded seasons for traveling. However, this also means that there are a lot of companies that offer tons and tons of package deals so that you can get the best deal when looking at the beauty of Kerala at a glance.



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