Slovenia Islands situated in between lush green mountains

Slovenia – “The Hidden Gem”

Slovenia is an earthly paradise in Central Europe but contains within its borders Alpine mountains, thick forests, historic cities, and a short Adriatic coastline with Austria to the north, Italy to the southwest, Hungary to the northeast, and Croatia to the south.

It enhances its natural treasures with cordial architecture, enchanting rural culture, and sophisticated cuisine. In spite of its small size, Slovenia has an astounding variety of terrain, ranging from the shorelines of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Julian Alps, and to the moving slopes of the south.

The beauty in this greenest of green grounds is astounding. Lake Bled, where a tiny baroque house of prayer on a beautiful island and a striking castle looming above complete a harmonious whole. The design is extremely diverse – from the Venetian harbor towns of the drift and the rural Hungarian-style farmhouses of Prekmurje to the Gothic church of Gorenjska and artistic beauty of Ljubljana are out of the words.

Slovenian cooking obtains a touch of something from every one of its neighbors – Italy, Austria, Hungary, and the Balkans – blending and rehashing dishes that develop both recognizable and special. The outcome is a staggering foodie goal, where you’ll test dishes in surprising blends highlighting things like delicious pasta dumplings of potato, chives, and bacon, servings of mixed greens showered with nutty pumpkin seed oil, and multilayered gibanica, a fiercely debauched sweet. Slovenian wine contains a lot of lactic acids, iron, and antioxidants making it one of the healthiest wines in the world, each of them is slightly different according to the specific winemaking region.



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